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Saturday, May 23, 2015


So um hi. It's been a while. No one actually reads this blog so I don't really use it... at all. I don't have a use for this blog anymore. My instagram has reached 1,000 followers, and I'm on Pinterest and Tumblr more than this site. It was fun when I started but I have no interaction with anyone on here and it literally has become a soliloquy. It's summer for me now, I'm at my grandmother's like I usually am, and she was the only one who actually read what I had to say. I don't know if I want to continue this blog or not. I don't post... I have no reason to continue posting.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Doctor Who - Rating: PG -- (BBC) - Still Airing

This show is amazing! :D The Doctor, (yes he is the Doctor not Doctor Who or Dr. Who you wholigans.) has a real admiration for humanity, even though he'll give it constructive criticism. He also will note how hard it must be having a body not like his own, a Time Lord body, which has two hearts and a few other features different from a human's. He is from the planet Gallifrey, the home of Time Lords and their science of "bigger on the inside". He calls the ship the T.A.R.D.I.S., named by his granddaughter Susan (classic series), which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Named simply for what it is. The show is all about his adventures and how trouble finds him or he finds it. He always has a companion at his side and they make their own place in his hearts. Many of them are female, but most are only friendships. The Doctor and his companion travel through time and space just to explore!

Merlin - Rating: PG -- (BBC) - Ended 2012

BBC's Merlin is loosely based off of the stories of the legendary King Arthur, but it's the younger years.

So I post a lot of fanfiction for this show mostly because it deserves having it written. I wish the show had continued, but luckily it has 5 seasons (which my grandmother watched in a week *claps*)! Merlin is a born-with-powerful-magic warlock, which is great, you know, if Camelot's king, Uther Pendragon hadn't banned it's practice 20 years prior to the show time line. Merlin is sent from the small village of Ealdor outside of the kingdom's borders, to receive guidance from the Court Physician Gaius. Gaius helps Merlin keep his magic secret so the king won't have his head. Merlin meets Arthur, a prat of a prince, and the show goes on from there. :)

Once Upon a Time - Rating PG -- (ABC) - Still Airing

Once Upon a Time is about Emma Swan, who was orphaned as a baby, who gave up her son for adoption, and that son comes back to find her 10 years later for her help. He gets her to take him back home to a town called Storybrooke, he explains that he was adopted by the evil queen, and how everyone was a character in a fairytale and Emma is meant so save them from the Evil Queen's curse making no one remember who they are.

Black Butler - Rating TV-14 -- (don't really know, but it names off Square Enix, Aniplex, and Funimation) - Continued
Black Butler is a manga and anime. (To the non-otakus, manga is graphic novels, anime is Japanese animation)

It centers around a young Earl in the Victorian Era, whose parents were killed in a fire that burnt down his estate. He calls upon a demon to make a deal, the demon helps him figure out who killed his parents and seek revenge, then the demon can consume his soul. The estate is reestablished, and the Earl, Ciel Phantomhive, is back with a butler who is always dressed in black. His butler's name is Sebastian Michaelis and his catchphrase is (pardon my language but I find this awesome) "I'm simply one hell of a butler." ( I GIGGLED THE FIRST TIME LIKE WOW SO PUNNY).

This is all for now, will post more later! (I don't want my posts super super long) - Robs

Game Reviews/Recommendations!

So recently, because I'm not in school, I've tried a couple of MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online) and I have to say they are both impressive.

PWI - Perfect World International

This game is done by Perfect World Entertainment which is a China-based online game company.

The game itself is styled well, the graphics are impressive (this also depends on your RAM and graphic quality).

Starting out, the game has quick leveling up until level 30, where leveling seems to be harder.

PWI features 6 races, with 2 classes each. The two classes in each race are counterparts, one melee and one magic base. (Ex. Blademaster and Wizard are the two classes for Human)

The most recommended is usually Venomancer or Barbarian (Untamed race, only classes specified to a gender).

I personally love all of them, honestly. They have great combat styles.

The game does not have a membership system, or monthly fee, the game is free to play, though, as most MMOs do, has a virtual boutique if you wish to put in real money, you can.

The skills you acquire are unlocked from cultivation quests that you do once you reach a certain level. These are usually the most difficult quests in game. You will see on the chat log people will be asking for help at almost all times.

The game is rated T for Teen. ESRB does not rate multiplayer interaction and chat between users. Rated for mostly(or at least I assume, I don't have a list):
Mild Language (this is only rating game dialogue, not what users type)
Fantasy Combat
(also the female attire is "skimpy", it's frustrating)

This is, at least what I have seen.

Now to the one I started yesterday!

Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 is styled well and with graphics set to high, textures are stunning. You have 5 races to choose from, all having the same professions (classes).

There are 8 professions, all having their pros and cons. Similar to most games, there isn't really a "best class". It really depends on what you want to do.

If you want to shoot with a bow, go with a Ranger.

If you wish to use magic based combat, choose Elementalist, Necromancer, or Mesmer.

Do you want to be a tank or fight up close melee? Guardian or Warrior

Be different? Engineer (this seems like a really cool profession)

And the one kind of left out is Thief. Though I do really like it :)

ESRB rating is T for Teen-
Mild Language
Use of Alcohol

GW2 is not as "MMO-ish" as some are and can get away from certain things some people will be annoyed with in other games. The storyline works well and your own character gets one.

This game does not have a membership or monthly fee but does cost money upfront.The game can be bought for PC or Mac download or physical copy on Amazon for about 20 dollars.

I recommend them both and I'll be posting soon! See ya! - Robs

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hey Minions!

So, I'm moving and packing and... yeah.

But anyway, after I'm done I get to spend time with my aunt and grandmother during the transition.




In other news, I'm reading The Outsider and In The Presence Of My Enemies for my academy's summer reading. Yay.

Also watching Psych more recently and it's awesome XD.

Not much else going on, been playing Assassin's Creed III and Eden Eternal but that's it really.

Tomorrow is my grandmother's birthday and then we're celebrating 4th of July on Friday!


So yep.

Favorites accounts anyone?

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@emryslaughs - happy 1,000 followers!


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My Instagram (@these_dollopheads) has reached 500+ followers!

I want to try macarons.

Alpacas are the best animals.

And now, the weather.
I thought you said feather.

I make too many references.

#LBBW ftw. (Gina knows)


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Story Time!

Requested by my wonderful friend, I'm posting my How To Train Your Dragon/Merlin crossover.

Dragon Riders of Camelot
Disclaimer: Don't own Merlin or How To Train Your Dragon. All rights to BBC and Dreamworks Animation. 
Rating: K
Genre: Friendship & Fantasy
Warnings: None
It was a new age, the sun would rise and set in its peaceful manner and not one storm cloud would ever make way to ruin it. The sun was shining brighter than ever on this day, the day magic was to truly be restored to the kingdom of Camelot. 
Merlin requested for the king to come with him today to see dragons up close, smaller ones of course. 

"Arthur! Come on I trained one just for you! Her name is Aithusa, she was a Wyvern but when she got into the hands of Morgana she was not taken care of correctly. So... now, she is the size of a Wyvern, but she'll never grow much more. Though it does gives her more the chance to ride." Merlin explained as he almost dragged his king across the courtyard.

 "Merlin I don't have time- did you say ride? You ride those creatures?" Arthur questioned, his right eye brow raised. 

"If they're trained correctly and the right size, yeah! I mean, you can ride larger dragons, but ones closer to the size of a large horse are nimble and swift. Think of how great of an asset it would be to the kingdom!" The Court Sorcerer exclaimed. This brought Arthur's thoughts to dragons being useful in battle strategies and finally agreed to follow his adviser to the edge of the upper town to the field where the dragons lived.

"Alright Arthur, this is her, Aithusa. I named her myself." The young warlock said with pride as Aithusa came up to him. She was a pure white with blue sparkling eyes. This was the dragon who helped Morgana but eventually came back to be loyal to her dragonlord. 

"Her name means the light of the sun. Kilgharrah says it is a good omen for our destiny of building this kingdom. She is yours Arthur, if you're willing to return the favor to her." Merlin continued with a smile as he saw the two bond immediately. 

"Do you have a dragon, I mean to ride?" Arthur asked though he never took his eyes off the winged creature.

"Indeed I do sire. I didn't name him though, he also isn't a Wyvern. He is what some call a 'night fury'. He is old, and part of his winged tale is broken, but when I found him there was a mechanism of controlling his guidance and flight abilities to where it didn't really matter." Merlin replied and continued, "I found him in an old viking's village in the farther North on an island called Berk, his rider had died of old age long ago, the dragon was all that was left living and he instantly took to me. That is when I thought of the idea of bringing dragon riding to Camelot." 

They continued to find the drake that Merlin spoke of finding, the midnight black dragon was apparently trying to catch a fish. "Toothless, come here!" Merlin shouted when the dragon finally caught the fish that was taunting him. Toothless, so he was named, swallowed the large fish whole, and came up to the warlock and the king. 
"Arthur, Toothless. Toothless, Arthur." Merlin said between them. Toothless first glared with his green golden eyes and growled, he looked back at Merlin and was given a look saying 'I trust him'. With that being said, the black scaled dragon rose up on to its back feet and sat in the position of a dog and put out one of his legs in a wanting to shake hands fashion. Arthur slowly looked between his adviser and to the drake and when Toothless looked to him happily, he shook his hand with him. 

"Good. Now, you m'lord, best learn how to ride." After this statement there was much practice on how to not fall off Aithusa's back, once Arthur finally was able to stay on, they went soaring into the air.

They flew across old ruins and lakes and mountains and clouds. They even flew once around the tallest tower of the castle. Arthur felt the most free in the longest time, so did Merlin. No more secrets, no more guilt. The two built their kingdom on trust, magic, and as sappy as it is... friendship. Arthur went to make peace with the Druids and the great dragon himself. All was good. All was right. 


"Merlin? MERLIN! Wake up you bumbling idiot! What good are you just laying here!?" Arthur's voice yelled when everything went black and then became blurry vision of a ceiling and a not so happy Arthur Pendragon. Everything started to focus. Merlin was just dreaming again.

 "Sorry sire, I must have not slept well." Merlin answered his voice in a small groan from his rough wake from his sleep.

 "Well you can say sorry by mucking out the stables." Arthur said as he walked out of Merlin's small chambers back into Gaius' work room. 

Merlin sighed and got ready to work as he did every day. It seems dreams are never to last. 
But of course as young as he is, he never has been able to tell those dreams are of foresight.

The end.

Monday, June 2, 2014

This blog is taking a new turn.

So maybe movie reviews?

Book reviews?

TV show reviews?

My written works?

Tell me what you want and I'll do it.